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Marketing Degree Today is a comprehensive informational guide for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in marketing. We provide the key information you should know when researching your options for schools in your state or online. You will also find useful statistics and facts about the marketing job market as well as interviews with current marketing professionals.

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Learn about marketing schools in your state, local employment opportunities for marketing graduates, key statistics about marketing employment in your state, and the top ranked marketing schools in your state according to US News and Businessweek. Click on a state to navigate to the page about marketing schools in your state.

Marketing Degrees

In addition to general marketing degree programs, there are several variations of the marketing degree that provide more focused curriculum in a specific area of marketing. These programs focus on a particular area of specialization within marketing such as Internet marketing, advertising, or marketing research and can prepare you for specific types of marketing jobs that you are interested in.

What is Marketing?

The Wharton Business School defines marketing as "the process of anticipating, managing, and satisfying the demand for products, services, and ideas." Marketing helps organizations to understand their customer and communicate how their product or service can solve a problem or satisfy a need. Many people think that marketing is advertising, but advertising is just one part of the marketing equation. There are many other aspects of marketing that help companies increase their revenue from marketing research to brand management to website optimization.

Why Study Marketing?

Marketing is an essential function for companies of all sizes because a business can not survive very long without revenue. As a result, almost every company employs marketing professionals to manage the marketing process. Marketing is also a highly engaging subject for many students because it combines several disciplines such as psychology, art, information technology, and business. Skilled marketing professionals are constantly in demand and are well compensated. According to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 392,740 market research analysts and marketing specialists employed in the United States who earn an average annual wage of $67,380.1

Marketing Career Options

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One of the advantages of getting a degree in marketing is that there are many types of marketing careers that can fit with different personality types, strengths, and interests. If you enjoy working with people and creative projects, a role as an advertising copywriter may be an excellent fit for you. If you enjoy working independently on quantitative analysis, a job as a marketing research analyst may be an ideal job for you. Marketers work in a variety of workplace settings from a downtown corporate office with hundreds of people to a home office of an independent marketing consultant. Common employers of marketers include advertising agencies, corporations, and mid-sized businesses. A marketing degree can give you a wide range of options to find your dream job.

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